When you are attempting to renew the look of your kitchen you can either do a small or large kitchen remodel which may include swapping out your old, outdated kitchen appliances with new, sleek and modern kitchen appliances. 

Outfitting your kitchen with the latest technologies and kitchen appliances can not only improve the look of your space but it can also save you both time and money. These appliances are also often more energy-efficient than older models and can significantly reduce your utility costs. New kitchen appliances have a sleek, modern look that will instantly upgrade your kitchen space.  Some even have smart features like voice control and WiFi compatibility to make cooking and grocery shopping for your family quicker and easier. 

If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen or doing a kitchen remodel soon, here are some of the best kitchen gadgets and appliances of 2021 to add to your wish list.


1. Samsung Bespoke Four Door Flex Refrigerator 

From Samsung

The Bespoke Four Door Refrigerator from Samsung is perfect for homeowners who want to customize their appliances from top to bottom. It has interchangeable door panels that come in eight different colors, allowing you to easily change the color of your fridge. You can either change one panel, all the panels or any combo in between to match a new kitchen layout or match the seasons. This smart refrigerator’s customizable feature allows it to adapt its style to any future kitchen renovation, kitchen remodel, or house move. 

It also has five cooling zones that can be adjusted to suit the food you’re storing and prevent spoilage. There’s even a built-in water pitcher that automatically refills itself whenever it starts running low. 

This smart fridge starts at the retail price of $3,798.96 for full depth, but is currently on sale for $2,958.95. There is also a 48-month payment plan available, which can help make this appliance more accessible now if you need flexible payment options. 


2. GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

GE appliance smart microwave oven

From GE Appliances

If you want your microwave to be as smart as the rest of your home, check out this new countertop model from GE. It integrates with Amazon Alexa so you can control it using only your voice. This microwave oven also has an app that allows you to scan the barcodes of your favorite frozen foods and send the cooking instructions directly to the microwave that way you don’t have to waste time adjusting the cooking settings yourself or guesstimate. Best of all, this smart microwave only costs $149, which is about the same price as a regular microwave. 


3. LG InstaView Range 

LG smart oven stovetop range

From LG.com

LG has packed their InstaView range with advanced features you’ll love. If you want to check on your food while it’s baking, you can simply knock twice on the oven door to turn on the light and look inside. 

This oven also has a built-in air fryer and sous vide, allowing you to get rid of extra gadgets and declutter your kitchen. It’s even connected to the ThinQ app so you can turn it on or off from anywhere. LG’s new oven is sure to level up your cooking game, and it only costs $2,499. 


4. Miele G7316 Smart Dishwasher

From MieleUSA.com

Miele is a respected brand that puts out top of the line appliances, and this smart dishwasher is no exception. It features automatic dosing technology that dispenses the right amount of detergent for each load of dishes, which helps reduce waste. It also has an eco-friendly design and consumes less water than a normal dishwasher. It can even wash your dishes in just one hour on the intense wash setting. 

If you want this modern, smart WiFi compatible dishwasher in your new kitchen, it can be yours for just $1,899. 


 5. Revolution Cooking High Speed Smart Toaster

touchscreen smart toaster in a kitchen with a bagel in it

From BestBuy.com

This smart toaster from Revolution is the first ever touch-screen toaster. It heats up in just two seconds and has seven toasting shades to give you that perfect golden brown toast. 

It also has five different food settings including waffles, bagels, and pop tarts. It even has an auto-lift feature so you don’t have to struggle to fish your English muffin out of the toaster. 

At $300, it’s a bit pricey. But considering your toaster is one of your most used kitchen gadgets, it’s worth the splurge. And if you act quickly, you can get it on sale for $279.95. 


6. GE Kitchen Hub Smart Range Hood

kitchen smart range under hood

From AppliancesConnenction.com

This range hood from GE is the smart appliance you never knew you needed. It has a large 27-inch touchscreen you can use to watch Netflix or look up recipes. It also has two built-in cameras, allowing you to video chat with friends or live stream while you cook. 

The touchscreen is even compatible with Google Assistant so you can use it to check your calendar, respond to texts, and more. This smart range hood will truly become the hub of your kitchen and only costs $1,073.


7. Drop Smart Scale 

kitchen smart scale with app food in a bowl on a scale

From Amazon.com

The Drop scale and recipe app can help even inexperienced cooks put together a flawless meal. It has hundreds of step-by-step recipes from Good Housekeeping, Food52, and popular food bloggers. 

If you don’t have enough of an ingredient, it will suggest a substitution or adjust the recipe to accommodate the shortage. It can also scale recipes up or down to give you the exact number of portions you need. This helpful gadget usually costs $79.95, but is on sale now for $65.


8. Delta Faucet Trinsic VoiceIQ

stainless steel kitchen sink faucet with water shooting out into sink

From DeltaFaucet.com

When your fingers are dirty, the last thing you want to do is touch your clean stainless steel faucet to turn it on. Luckily with Delta’s new smart faucet, you don’t have to. It’s compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to control the water flow and adjust the temperature using only your voice. It can even dispense specific amounts of water like one cup or six ounces so you don’t have to measure it out yourself. 

Right now it’s available for $830 in five different colors that will compliment your new kitchen. 

9. Vitamix Ascent A3500 Blender 

kitchen blender black

From Vitamix.com

If it’s time to upgrade your blender, check out the Vitamix Ascent A3500. This blender is WiFi enabled and connected to the Vitamix app, allowing you to access over 500 recipes from your phone. You can even send the blending settings from each recipe directly to your blender so you don’t have to adjust the dials yourself. 

This blender also has pre-programmed settings for smoothies, hot soups, and more, giving you the perfect blend no matter what you’re making. It retails for $649.95, but you can pay for it in installments using PayPal Credit. 


10. Café Smart Induction Cooktop

cafe smart stovetop black with burners on kitchen

From CafeAppliances.com


If you often burn or overcook things, you need this smart induction cooktop. Even the most seasoned chefs or home cooks who do not burn things often would benefit from this smart induction stovetop. It has a guided cooking feature that automatically adjusts the temperature of the range based on the recipe you’re cooking. This helps ensure your food comes out perfectly every single time. 

This range senses when a pan is removed from the burner and shuts it off automatically to avoid any fire hazards or bodily burns. It also has time-saving features like a 3,700 watt induction burner that can boil water in just 101 seconds. The Café Smart Cooktop retails for $2,665 and is well worth the price. 


Planning or considering a kitchen remodel?

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Editor’s note: Prices are correct as of June 27, 2021